TACO, Braintoffee complex problem solving activity set in Mexico.


For groups of 6 - 10 people to challenge and develop their problem solving skills in conditions of uncertainty and high ambiguity. Increases the capacity of a team to work together by developing the agility to work methodically whilst embracing broader thinking.

This activity rewards groups that share and adhere to a clear methodology; they communicate what they are working towards, how they are going to get there, why and when they have got there - for each potential solution. At the same time, individuals need to feel comfortable contributing ideas that can be worked up or discounted by the rest of the group.

Successful teams retain clarity of purpose and shared focus, working to identify data to support or eliminate alternative courses of action. They balance evidence seeking with generating new possibilities.

Theme: Radioactive material and driver missing in Mexico.
Duration: Approx 60 mins