Teams for our Time

Whether you are working remotely, in the same office or somewhere in between – a rethink of teamwork, and team skills for individuals and their leaders.

Help teams become better versions of themselves - to become more agile and manage their practical, mental & emotional resources.

Who is this book for?


Early career professionals

Graduates working in case-study and projects groups, or management trainees working in teams for the first time. Hone your skills now and become the person everyone wants on the team – because you say and do exactly the right thing at exactly the right time – to get your team the best results.


Mid-career professionals

You'll have seen the good, bad and the ugly by now. Having seen enough of other teamwork and team leadership, you want to refine what you've learned and take your team to the next level.


Top of career professionals

You'll already have been part of great and perhaps even not so great teams. Now you're in a more strategic role , scenarios are more complex, and you are often dealing with uncertainty. You want more engagement, and to help people find more meaning in their work. This book will give you a fresh way of engaging with others to become more skilful supporting the people around you to be more collaborative.

What is the book about?

Different types of work require us to work together differently, and our behaviour and leadership varies in different scenarios:

  • well managed tasks assigned to individuals;
  • the tight co-ordination of work, processes and roles; or
  • collaboration to generate new understanding and innovation.

This book describes and explains the range of behaviours we can use when we work together, including the jump from team work to collaboration when we need to solve complex, unprecedented problems, both round the table and remotely.

How do I get hold of a copy?

Available from Amazon

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Running a conference or workshop?

Bulk orders of 9 copies for workshops, conferences, and teams are available here, shipping included.

What other people are saying about Teams for our Time

"As someone who has led, run and managed teams for many different reasons over the last 30 years, I immediately recognised the issues called out and I will apply many of the ideas provided. This book is a must read for anyone leading and managing teams in our world of remote and hybrid working."

Brian Morgan, IT, Change and MDM Director, EMEA, Univar Solutionsk

"This book is full of clarity enriched by pertinent and engaging examples and practical tools. It will inspire andnsupport anyone who wants to develop their own ability to work with others using an effective relationship based team approach."

Dr Cathy Betoin, Clinical Psychologist

"A really valuable and practical Team Performance manual and guide that will help you increase the effectiveness with which you’re being part of a team, leading them or supporting their development."

Dr Chris Shambrook, PlanetK2 Director, GB Rowing Psychology Consultant for 5 Olympic Games.

“Contains great advice & reminders, nicely summarising different skills for different types of teams and describing the variance of behaviours & skills – a real reminder of how adaptive leadership in this new world is a ‘must’....a perfect ‘aide memoire’ for our current time & challenges.”

Dawn Robinson, Global Director (People), North Group

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